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Tyler, the story that explains the Weak Links of Networking

Signature Stories

Breakouts and after lunch keynotes that are light but motivational.

Customized to your meeting. Interactive. Includes signature stories like “The Man at the Window,” Don’t be Bashful, Get Organized” and “The Man and His Two Wives.”

Imagine that you are attending a networking session held on a coral reef... Jerry Fletcher takes you into that world and introduces all the characters you've met at cocktail parties and business gatherings. Along the way you’ll learn valuable skills like how to gracefully disengage and how to become part of a group.

Swim fins are optional.

Trade Secrets of a Networking Ninja--This is the performance that started the Ninja on the ladder to success. It can include his signature stories like ” Margie, the Galactic Commander" and “The Devil in the Blue Dres to name just two.

The presentation includes the story of “The Ladder of Dreams” It inspires every individual to make more of themselves and their position. The story is powerful in both corporate and association meetings.

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“Before you leave
could you check your
calendar so we can
book you for next year.

The folks that saw
you said we had to
have you back”

Bradi Ebner,
Oregon Horse Country

Pearl Diving-- How to work a room for fun, profits, and laughs.

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  • Trade Secrets.mp32:26

How Margie became “The Galactic Commander