Two Keynotes that motivate
and meet your needs for
The Trust Goldmine
and Shortcut to Trust

On line and off line. In business and personal affairs, the key to success today and tomorrow is who trusts you.

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Sales and Marketing people leave this session inspired, knowing that getting to trust is the single most important skill needed to build a business, a career and a life of joy.  

Every attendee comes away with skills they can put to work tomorrow. They learn:
• How to trust yourself, your staff, your company and most importantly in a 2.5 world, your clients.
• A simple mantra to double income.
• Ten steps to achieve personal trust on and off-line.

This 17 minute presentation with just a few simple props on a stark background was Jerry’ s response to a request for  a “No-tech sample”

• How to emulate a Galactic Commander.
• The dollar value of the Integrity Dividend (Research results)
• How trust is counter-intuitive.
• Brain Research findings on how trust & marketing work.
• Hard numbers on the value of raving fans on and off-line.
• Real world examples of the power of trust.

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