Marketing Without Money is for the
“little guys" across America and the organizations that serve them.

The CEO of my local chamber asked me to put together a program to help small businesses in the community.
(Click to see the letter he wrote afterward.)

I was asked at the end of a workshop,

“Why do you do this?”   

My response was:

“ I do this for the little guys, the solopreneurs and ensembles and small businesses that need to market with limited funds. I know that all it takes is the right tools and they can win against the huge enterprises.”

Put Marketing Without Money to work for your business or organization as a fund raiser or a value-add.

See our offer at right or click the button to learn all about this rare gift for the “little guys.”

The Offer:
We will help you fill the room. 

We will write the promotion and work with you to schedule the event on line and in print. We will provide the little extras you can’t always offer that pay off for sponsors and their staff members.

The Guarantee:
We guarantee that the attendees will get their money’s worth or we will hand it back to them.
On the spot.
In cash.

The Reason:
Every one of the components of Marketing Without Money TM has been proven to build revenue for small companies.

Every one.

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