Marketing Without Money
An overview of what’s in it for you

Every one of the components of Marketing Without MoneyTM has been proven to build revenue for small companies.

Every one.

Each of the components of Marketing Without Money TM can stand alone.

Each is an interactive presentation guaranteed to give attendees information they can act on immediately.

Each shown for a one hour presentation is a superb breakout for associations of small businesses. We strongly recommend their use when a keynote or second note is booked for the event.

Each can be used as a pre-conference event and as a fund raiser for your organization.

Each is also packaged as a product with live action and digitally recorded tips and tricks in video and print at just $99. Each includes an opportunity to subscribe for updates and personal attention.

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Put it to work for you or your organization as a fund raiser or a value-add.

Jerry adapts proven promotions and uses Contact Relationship Magic to increase your sign ups.

Marketing Without Money A Day or ½ Day of key takeaways from all eight components customized for your group.

30 Second Marketing Interactive Hour or ½ Day gives your attendees the ability to answer the question, “What do you do?” and walk out with the business.

Contact Relationship Magic! One Hour or ½ Day goes from an overview to show you how the “big guys” use the power of technology for drip campaigns and how you can do it just as well– for a lot less money.

Nonstop Referrals ½ Day or a Highlight Hour explores how every business can profit from referrals.

How to Turn Contacts Into Contracts ½ Day of Sales Training or an Hour of Sales Tips for entrepreneurs. How to get from an introduction to a sales close.

No Budget Branding What it takes for you or your product or service to be the one others are compared to. An Hour or interactive ½ Day. More

How To Work A Room An Hour presentation or ½ Day workshop that makes even shy folks look forward to making an entry.

Lightning in a Bottle ½ Day or Whole Day. Find the Vision for our company. Understand the Mission and make the Mission and Position enhance each other. Surprising Value always.

The Trust Goldmine Fast paced ½ Day Workshop only. Greater depth than the keynote. Chock full of facts that you can use to get to trust with yourself, your employees, your company and your customers.

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