The fine print:

Standard Speaking Fees are plus airfare, transfers or rental vehicles, incidental on-site expenses, shipping and hotel expenses.

Expenses included fees cover airfare, transfers or rental vehicles and incidental expenses on site. We find that it is usually more convenient for the sponsoring organization to provide the lodging.

Retainer required to schedule a speaking date of 50% of the fee with the signed agreement. Remainder of fee is to be paid on site following the presentation.

Local discounts are available within 2 hours of Portland, Oregon. (No. Seattle is 3½ hours away by car on a good day. I usually take the train as it is a lot easier on my nerves.)

Recording of program--either audio, video or both requires a separate agreement.

*Custom tailored responses to organizational problems or concerns-- fees are negotiated based on the value delivered.

Many times we are asked to speak rather than to get at the root causes of objectives being missed and plans not being met. A less than politically correct friend calls that “putting a band aid on a sucking chest wound.”

Jerry tends to agree with him. That’s why he asks tough questions and prefers to discuss the “why” of a meeting with the senior officers that have initiated it.

503 957-7901

800 533-2893

Upcoming Events

Standard Speaking Fees for programs booked prior to July 4, 2018

Program                    Standard  Fee              Expenses Included
Keynote or
Second Note
             $7500                         $9000

Breakout with
Booked Keynote
      No Additional Charge

½ Day                        $5000                          $6500
1 day                          $7500                          $9000

Marketing Without Money Fundraiser
50% of gate,
guarantee of              $500                            $2000

Other services in conjunction with booked events:
Sponsor Luncheon
Appearance/ Q&A
Marketing Roundtable         No Charge

Panel Participation              No Charge

Pre-recorded Promotional Audio or Video
 As time permits,             Expenses only usually no charge

International Rates             $10,000 to $12,500 dependent on requirements.

                                             Round trip business class air ticket plus 50% of fee in advance.

Consulting Fees                Value-based. Negotiated. Retainers preferred.*

Get more than you expected. Call him direct.  
503 957-7901.

             Jerry will be appearing at several corporate and association meetings during summer and fall.

His next public appearance will be announced here and in his weekly blogs and posts that appear on FaceBook, LinkedIn and beBee.